Refrigeration Package

Sinitators [SSHE] which is the heart of the Margarine Plant are flooded evaporators with an integrated drop tank and surge tank. Sinitators maintain the temperature of the product accurately by varying the suction going to the Refrigeration System which requires the Refrigeration System to specifically designed universally to produce a wide range of products with varied proportions of solids vegetable fat used in the manufacture of Shortening and Margarine and synchronized with the Sinitators to ensure trouble free operation of the Margarine Plant.

We at Standards International, primarily use Ammonia as the refrigerant as ammonia is an environmentally compatible refrigerant with superior thermodynamic properties. However, we also manufacture plants with Freon R404 refrigerant upon request. The systems are also inherently safe as small leaks can be detected by its pungent odour and can be designed to be safe.

While some products such as soft shortenings and soft margarines can be produced by maintaining the saturated suction temperature at -20 °C, quality of other products such as Puff Pastry Margarine have been found to be more plastic when the saturated suction pressure is at -25 °C as the additional refrigeration allows for better removal of heat of crystallization from the product.

The Ammonia circuit comprises of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver, an evaporator which are the Sinitators, a knock off drum and the oil separator with different types of compressors and condensers are used in the circuit. At SIPEPL, refrigeration packages are made and automated to suit to the requirement of the Sinitators with Single Stage Reciprocating Compressors which can work up to -20 °C SST or Two Stage Reciprocating Compressors or Screw Compressors that can be operated at -25 °C SST giving the customer a wide range of selection of refrigeration systems for the Margarine Plant.

At SIPEPL, the refrigeration packages are configured with either Shell and Tube Condensers or Evaporative Condensers.

The Refrigeration System is integrated into the network enabling the operator to monitor the Refrigeration system and modify parameters from the central SCADA system by integrating the maintenance schedules for various equipment in the plant and notifying the operator times at which certain maintenance activities to be performed.

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