Hot Water Generation Skid

The Hot Water Generation skid is an important utility required for the manufacture of Specialty Fats as the blend consists of oils with melting points higher than ambient temperatures. Furthermore, in order to ensure there is no crystals are formed before the blend enters the SSHEs, it is also required for the temperature of the Blend to be maintained at least 10-12 °C above the melting point of the blend in the batching tanks. All tanks in the Margarine plant are provided with a heating jacket/limpet coil are serviced by the Hot Water Generation Skid to keep the oil temperatures high. Hot water is also required in the PHEs of the Pasteurizer and the Continuous Remelt to heat the oil as required by the process. Furthermore, all the pipelines carrying oil blends in the Margarine plant require to be attempered with hot water at startups for lines carrying oil from the Batching tanks to the Packaging and throughout the production for the return lines.

The Hot Water Generation Skid designed by SIPEPL is a closed loop system that generates and maintains hot water at two different temperatures in the headers across the plant. The Hot water is drawn by the respective equipment from the headers by the own control system of the equipment. The Hot Water Generation Skid comprises of a Steam Reducing Station with condensate recovery system, two sets of PHE for heat transfer and control valves to generate hot water to be circulated in the jackets of the oil lines, PHEs in the plant and the coils of tanks. The Skid comprises of the Pumps with speed control that circulate the water throughout the plant at a required pressure in a closed loop system automated by PLC Logic.

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