Rectangular Remelt Tank

The consistency of the product shortening is also very different if it is produced to be packed or filled. It is obvious that a packed product must obtain a firmer texture than a filled product and if this texture is not optimal the product will be diverted to the remelting system, melted and added to the buffer tank for re-processing. And product can be recycled manually from packaging section.

Construction : The tank shall be a double wall rectangular tank of SS-304. Space between the walls shall be filled with insulation. Tank shall have a hinged top cover. There shall be two sets of Coils one on upper level where the blocks will be unloaded and the other at bottom level about 50 mm above the Bottom Plate. Tank shall be standing on 4 legs. Tank shall be insulated on the outside with 50 mm of Rock Wool and finished with SS Cladding. Tank will be Mirror finished from inside. Tank shall be given a glossy finish using glass bead blast from the outside. Manual outlet valve will be Habonium make. Steam Trap with Bypass arrangement in the steam outlet line shall be provided.

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