Panel Operated Control

Desk Panel Control is an economical alternative provided to the SCADA controlled Margarine Plant. The Desk Control shall comprise of Desk Panels for Batching and processing respectively.

The Microcontroller Batching Panel shall be a duly wired SS Panel comprising of the Batching Controllers with a predefined program to perform the Batching operation for the Premix, Emulsifier and Water Phase Tanks by a stand-alone PLC. Each of the tanks shall comprise of batching controllers and shall be connected to the PLC with the Recipes and the sequence of operation pre-programmed in which main PLC shall use the respective Batching Controllers as required in the program. Communication between the PLC and the Batching Controllers shall be enabled using Modbus TCP protocol. The Batching Controller Panel shall also comprise of options to start the pumps and valves in manual mode which could be made use of in the event of PLC failure.

The Processing Control Panel shall be a duly wired SS Panel comprising of Temperature Controllers, Pressure Indicators and Controllers, RPM Meters, start/stop buttons for various motors in the plant with fault indicators and controls and automation for Refrigeration controls in the Process Plant.

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