Twin Head Filling Station – Manual Loading

The Twin Head Filling Station is a Bag in Box filler to Pack Shortening / Margarine in 5-25 Kg Boxes. The Twin Head Filling Station shall be a load cell based filling system with Programmable Weighing Controllers based control panel for the automation of weighing and packing of Bakery Shortening / Margarine with 2 weighing stations/Platforms each capable of weighing up to 25 kgs with least count of 05 grams.

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Operational Logic

  1. Since the flow from the Sinitators cannot be reduced or stopped, the total flow needs to be discharged at either Station 1 or Station 2 or return back to the Remelting Section
  2. At the time of filling, initially Valve – 1 of Station – 1 opens and filling starts up to 85% of set weight whereas Valve – B of Station – 2 remains closed.
  3. On reaching 85% of weight on Station – 1, Valve – 2 of Station – 2 opens and filling on both Stations – 1 & 2 continues simultaneously. The flow through Station A can be controlled by adjusting the flow during fine fill.
  4. Once set weight is achieved on Station – 1, Valve – 1 closes and total flow will continue to Station – 2.
  5. Same cycle of logic continues for Station – 2 to 1 as stated under Sl.No.2 above.
  6. If there is no flow through Valve – 1 & 2, Valve – 3 opens to maintain circulation.
  7. In the Manual Loading Filling Station, the operator will need to push the filled box for further packaging and load the station with a new empty box before the filling in Station 2 is complete.

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