Margarine Pouch Packing Machine

Packaging of Margarine in 250 grm to 1 kg pouches requires a special filling head with a compensator integrated with a form, fill and seal machine. The margarine filling head is an assembly of the filling piston, valve rod, margarine nozzle, spindle stop weight adjustment, compensating cylinder. The dozing valve shall be sized to doze 250 – 1000 grms of Margarine at one stroke. The filling head shall be integrated with the logic of the packaging machine and doze volumetrically on receipt of the signal from the machine with the help of a pneumatically operated cylinder and the pressure of the high-pressure pump feeding the product to the filling head.

The Pouch Packing Machine shall be a Servo Driven Single Head Center/Side Seal Pouch Packing Machine with pneumatic blade cutting and draw down. The machine shall be configured to pack 250 – 1000 grm of margarine in pouches in suitable laminate films of either continuously printed type or with equidistant photomasks.

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