Resting Tube

The sub cooling of the emulsion in the SSHEs and the reduced cross sectional flow in the Resting Tube causes the pressure to rise to the extent of 60 Bar for certain products. A high pressure positive displacement pump will thereby be required for the manufacture of Specialty Fats.

The resting tube manufactured at SIPEPL is a set of jacketed modular tubes of SS316 construction of different capacities. These tubes interconnected by flanges between modules with the capacity of these tubes ranging from 2.5 litres to 300 litres. Furthermore, the tubes are also provided with sieve plates with holes of different sizes between the flanges to accommodate the production of different products using the same tube.

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Sieve Plates with hole diameters of 2.5mm, 2 mm and 1.5 mm and a cumulated surface area of 4% to 10% of the inner diameter of the tubes. The Sieve Plates shall be sandwiched between any of the segments as per the requirement of the product by replacing the spacer plates provided between the segments.

The delivery segment of the resting tube leading to the Packaging machine shall be designed to suit to the requirement of the Packaging Machine

Inclusion of the Hot Water Circulation System for the resting tube will ease the pressure on the system by circulating warm water in the resting Tube Jackets. SIPEPL supply a warm water circulation system that consists of a 30 liter SS Tank with a water circulation pump with heater and a temperature circuit to maintain set temperatures during production.

Modular Design

The circular horizontal segments shall be made of 8”/10”/12” NB high pressure shells of length 1 meter. The circular segments shall be jacketed with the provision of circulation of controlled water in the jackets. The individual circular segments shall also be provided with Butterfly valves to drain the product with ease.  The circular segments shall be flanged on both ends with the provision assembling Sieve Plates between them.  The addition or deletion of the circular segment shall increase or decrease the resting time of the product making it possible to use the same tube for a variety of products.


Packaging in Bricks for Consumer Market

The 8” NB Resting Tube designed to attach to a Brick Packaging Machines with a delivery segment suited to the mouth of the Packing Machine for the manufacture of Puff Pastry Margarine or Table Spread in bricks of 100 grms, 250 grms or 500 grms.

Packaging of Puff Pastry Margarine in Blocks for Industrial Use

The 10” NB Resting Tube designed to attach with Block Packaging Machine of SIPEPL to Pack 5, 10, 15, 20 kg Blocks for industrial use.

Packaging of Puff Pastry Margarine in Sheets for Industrial/Consumer Segment

The 12” NB Resting Tube designed to attach with Sheet Packaging Machine of SIPEPL to pack 1/2/5 kg Sheets of Puff Pastry Margarine.

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