Two Agitator Tank

The batching tanks are stainless steel SS316L grade tanks mirror finished from the inside with limpet coils for circulation of hot or cold water for accurate temperature control of the product in the tank. The tanks are insulated and cladded on the outside to prevent heat loss and surface finished with glass bead blasting.

As a standard all tanks shall comprise of a Temperature Transmitter, High Level and Low Level Switches, pneumatically controlled valves for water circulation in jackets, bottom legs with provision to mount the tanks on load cells, isolation and drain valves and flexible hose connections wherever the load cells are used. These tanks shall be equipped with Sanitary Din Union Fittings for Inlet and Outlet, Lifting Hook and a CIP Nozzle.

Since the product is an emulsion of oil and water it is becomes imperative to keep it agitated at all times to ensure a stable emulsion. Agitation to also be selected to ensure the water-oil emulsion is even across the length of the tank. Thus the agitator plays a very important role in the final quality of the product. At SIPEPL, the agitators are designed as per the requirement of the product and the moisture content in the product. The two agitator tanks shall comprise of a mixing agitator and an anchor agitator. While the mixing agitator shall be used at the time of batch preparation, the anchor agitator shall ensure a stable emulsion throughout the length of the tank during processing. This combination is normally preferred for manufacture of low fat spreads.

This agitator is linked with batch weighing system with VFD receiving signals from batch weighing system and is programmable and automatically adjusting the speed with the level in the tank.

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