The batching automation is achieved by controlling the various transfer pumps and actuator valves in the Batching system by a pre-programmed weighing controller.

These batching controllers shall be connected to the Batching logic of SIPEPL’s SCADA Package in which the Recipes and the sequence of operation are pre-programmed.

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The Crystallization process for Shortenings and Margarines begins with the Pasteurization of the emulsion after which it is pumped into the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger (SSHEs) with the help of a positive displacement pump. The emulsion is shock chilled in high pressure heat exchangers (SSHEs) with the help of continuous chilling and scarping action. Once chilled, the product is crystallized in three different stages. The first phase of crystallization is done with the help of the Crystallizer (Pin Rotors) in which the product is worked with the help of pins on both the rotating shaft and the body or Resting Tube with Sieve Plates. The final stage of crystallization takes place in the cold room or the warehouse for certain other over a maximum period of 48-72 hours.

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The Twin Head Filling Station is a Bag in Box filler to Pack Shortening / Margarine in 5-25 Kg Boxes. The Twin Head Filling Station shall be a load cell based filling system with Programmable Weighing Controllers based control panel for the automation of weighing and packing of Bakery Shortening / Margarine with 2 weighing stations/Platforms each capable of weighing up to 25 kgs with least count of 05 grams.

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Plant Automation

At SIPEPL, complete solution to plant automation is provided. As part of the solution, MCC Panels are engineered and supplied with the plant to ensure the safety of the motors and field instruments for the Batching and Processing Sections. For the ease of operation of the Margarine Plant, SIPEPL provide options of either Desk Panel Control or SCADA Control. In addition, standalone panels for packaging machines are also provided with requisite automation.

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At SIPEPL, the complete set of Utilities required for the Margarine Plant is supplied with the Plant. These include Hot Water Generation Skid, Suction Accumulator, Refrigeration Package and Automated CIP Plant.

Hot water is also required in the Tanks, PHEs of the Pasteurizer and the Continuous Remelt to heat the oil as required by the process and the jacketed pipeleins carrying oil blends is generated by the Hot Water Generation Skid.

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