Sinitator TM (Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger [SSHE]) Skid

The SinitatorsTM (SSHE) are high pressure tubular refrigerant flooded chillers with floating/ bulldog knife loaded on rotor shafts pressed against the chiller tubes by centrifugal force to ensure consistent scraping. SinitatorsTM are the heart of the Crystallization Line in which the emulsion is shock chilled when passed through the annular space between the rotor shaft and the chilling tube


High Pressure Tubular Chillers are hard chromed carbon steel with corrugated outer surface designed to ensure effective heat transfer between the cooling medium and the product.

The cooling system comprising of specially built-in drop tank ensures no freeze during short production breaks and a surge drum to restrict liquid ammonia particles from going to the compressor. The automated refrigeration system of the evaporator ensures a constant temperature at the outlet of the SinitatorsTM

The Rotor Shaft comprises of floating/bulldog Delrin blades mounted intermittently to produce approximately 600 cuttings per minute.

Sinitators™ are assembled with a single spring high pressure Mechanical Seals with Sliding parts in Tungsten Carbide. The seals are designed for 120 Bar.

Specially designed Rotary Joint arrangement with mechanical seals mounted on the shaft end with continuous warm water supply from built-in water tank with heater assembly to ensure no deposition of fat on the rotor shaft during production

Custom Designed Gearboxes with integrated oil transfer pump, flexible coupling to the motor and labyrinth seals to achieve the torque required for scraping at an RPM of 600 at low noise levels and low temperatures

Standard Capacities

The capacity for the manufacture of different products depends on various parameters such as type of oil blend, melting point, physical properties, operating pressure & temperature, configuration of equipment, oil technology / application etc., and will vary from product to product. However, our experience suggests that a combination of three SinitatorsTM is most versatile for the production of a wide variety of products. Though the SinitatorTM Skid can be tailor-made to a specific requirement of a client, the standard capacities for various products are as tabulated below:

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