15 kg Dozing Station

The Dozing Station volumetrically dozes the product into the Resting Tube with the help of a hydraulically operated cylinders, thus minimizing the return of the product to the Blending Tanks during the packaging process. Since the dozing is volumetric, the station consistently dozes the requisite quantity of the product into the Resting Tubes.

Resting Tubes

Resting Tubes are horizontal jacketed tubes that give sufficient time for the product to form the β’ Crystals by giving the product the resting time required to crystallize. The Resting Tube shall be an assembly of an inlet Tee assembly, a Reducer, 6nos of circular horizontal segments and a delivery segment/mouth.

Block Packaging System

The packing of the 10 kg and 15 kg block is done with a combination of a Block Cutting Machine, the block packing machine and the block packing out conveyor. In this process the appropriate size cartons taped on one side with polythene bag inserted in it needs to be placed on the conveyor. The resting tube will have a circular to rectangular transition piece with a fixed cross section, once the desired weight is cut with the help of the Block Cutting Machine it gets automatically placed in the carton with the help of the Block Packing machine and the Block Packing Conveyor. The carton can then be passed through a sealer to seal the polythene bag and close the carton from the top.

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