Standards International – Research & Development

Standards International premier manufacturer of food processing equipments that are used in the production of crystallized fats like emulsified butter, margarine, mayonnaise, sauces and ketchup, cake dressings, and other dairy products. In addition to large-scale manufacturing, we also provide our clients with the R&D facility to assess their productions in small-scales, for testing the feasibility and effectiveness of the food processing plants that we manufacture. This facility helps you in minimizing the risks, and it helps you with making informed purchasing decisions.

You will not have to invest much on R&D or pilot projects. It gives you the flexibility of testing out our high-quality machinery without having to spend too much on power supply, manpower and raw materials. These pilot plants are fully equipped for small-scale production, allowing you to produce a comprehensive range of food products.

Advantages of trying out pilot plants provided by Standards International :

  • You get the real time feel of productions, while being able to work on smaller samples
  • It gives you the freedom of testing out new recipes. You could also try making changes in the ingredients to derive at that perfect formula.
  • Option to do low-scale testing before investing on high-scale production plants

Please feel free to get in touch with our technical support team, so that we could arrange for your visit to our pilot plants in Bangalore. Our in-house pilot projects are fully equipped for the crystallization process of margarines, emulsified butter, and many other food products. We provide you with the option of running a pilot batch in our location for very reasonable prices.

In addition to using the pilot plants in our location, you could also opt to purchase low capacity production plants at your own premises as well. You could choose to purchase plants with capacities of 50 to 300 Kilograms per hour. These are ideally suitable for testing out your products before moving into large scale productions.

Expert help

At Standards International, we strongly believe in adding value to our prestigious clients. Our qualified professionals also help our clients during the development process. They offer expert advice on the best practices for deriving at specific blends and tastes. Our experienced technicians also provide training sessions to the operators in our client locations. We ensure that our turnkey solutions work smoothly, so that the production lines are never interrupted due to any technical reasons. Our laboratory in Bangalore is equipped with advanced equipments for analyzing the quality of products from the machines that are developed by us.

It helps us in making recommendations to our clients depending upon their product ranges. We also use NMR spectroscopy to analyze the quality of the oil-in-water emulsion products. In addition to testing the raw material mixtures, we also evaluate the quality of baking. We also have a test bakery in our premises to help our clients get the right combinations. Please feel free to visit our bakery experts to discuss more about improving the quality and taste of the products that you manufacture. You could also contact our technology department over the telephone, or you could send us an e-mail. We will respond to you in a very timely manner.

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