Bio Reactors

Developed and commissioned Bioreactors & Systems for one of the leading Biotech Company in the world. This is a revolutionary innovation in process technology for extraction of special types of enzymes. This process has set new standards of excellence in process technology at international levels. SI’s engineering excellence in this module has also set standards of excellence in bioengineering meeting all rigid specifications precisely and with engineering genius in design and development. This has raised SI and its Client to the top in the world map in this field of Bioengineering.

This turnkey project covered the following key functions.

  1. Basic concept and planning
  2. P&I diagram layout
  3. Original design and development
  4. Manufacturing and fabrication
  5. Installation and commissioning at site.

The execution of this project in record time was a complete success. It fulfilled all specifications precisely and excelled all expectations in terms of end result.

The above assignment is a major contribution of SI to Client’s R&D efforts in biotechnological development. SI has been successful in translating every one of technical innovations in terms of production engineering module with engineering excellence.


STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL has undertaken specific projects on industrial piping for various industries like Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food, Petroleum, Dairy etc., which ore built as per P&I diagram. Piping drawings are made in accordance with P&I diagram, plant layout, nozzle orientation schedule, structural, civil and architectural drawings. Accordingly, the fabrication, erection at site, installation and commissioning has been carried out. The workmanship and quality of piping is taken care of by means of correct dimensioning, proper edge preparation, proper fitment and alignment of joints, welding, NDT testing such as die penetration, radiography, hydro testing, polishing, electro polishing, fabrication and installation of supports, anchoring, stress relieving, painting and buffing. Prefabricated pipes and fittings are also readily available which can be directly installed at site especially for pharmaceutical, dairy and food industries.

Defense Supplies

STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL has extended its area of operation into the vital area of Defence by designing and developing chassis and trays for military aircrafts such as Sukhois, MIGs and Jaguars.

Sukhoi 30, the low combat aircraft is one of the mainstays of the Indian Air Force and is manufactured in Russia. It has key components of software which controls the aircraft’s movement and helps it in maneuvering. The software envelope for housing this software along with the special chassis and trays required exclusive design with rigid controls and stringent specifications. The chassis mode of aluminum alloy has been designed for forced air cooling and to be compatible with ARINC 404 standards. It is also designed to meet MIT-810D test standards for vibrations, accelerations shocks etc. These chassis have been successfully developed by STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL, rendering the company as one of the key venders for Indian Air Force in the area of design & development for this product. These products have withstood the rigors of extreme flying conditions which a fighter aircraft is subjected to on these aircraft.

Shortening and Margarine Plants

“Standards International Precision Engineering Pvt Ltd (SIPEPL)”, is a company based out of Bangalore, India since 1993 with a marketing and service office in KL, Malaysia. We pride ourselves as one of the global leaders in custom design, manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of Shortening and Margarine plants of capacities ranging from 10 kgs/hr to 10 ton/hr as a complete solution which not only includes Design, manufacture, erection, installation and commissioning, training but also product development and testing with our in-house facilities. Tanks, Vessels, Weldments Assemblies, Skid mounted Equipment etc are designed & manufactured in house whereas all the Instruments & Accessories are procured from Europe. We have well equipped Machine Shops & Fabrication Units spread over different parts at Bangalore.

SIPEPL have successfully commissioned more than 150 plants across the globe with clientele that includes pioneers in production of these fats, to name a few, M/s Bunge India Pvt. Ltd., M/s AAK India Pvt Ltd, M/s Cargill India Pvt. Ltd., M/s 3F Industries Ltd, M/s Adani Wilmar Ltd, M/s Emami Agrotech Ltd, M/s South India Oils, , Frigorifico Allana Private Ltd dian market. SIPEPL also have a good export market for these plants and have supplied these Plants to different countries over 5 continents. Countries in which SIPEPL’s Margarine Plants are in operation today include Sri Lanka, Nepal, Malaysia, Sultanate of Oman, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Mexico, Bolivia etc.


STANDARDS INTERNATIONAL specializes in this field of engineering excellence catering to a wide range of industries viz Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Gas etc. A portion of the Process and Instrumentation (P&I) diagram meant for a particular section are prefabricated and skid mounted with associated static and rotary equipment, electrical, instrumentation, piping, controls etc. complete in all respects. Such portions are transported to the site for final assembly and necessary end connections. Whole units con also be prefabricated and installed and commissioned at site.

This methodology will avoid the difficulties of construction at site by minimizing the site work to a great extent. Workmanship and quality of products will be extremely good as they ore fabricated and manufactured in the workshop where all facilities are available under one roof and in controlled conditions.

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