Design and Manufacture of Shortening and Margarine Plants

Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt. Ltd (SIPEPL) incorporated in the year 1993, is a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and supply of the complete Margarine plants with over 150 plants successfully commissioned across the world over the last 25 years. SIPEPL has supplied plants of capacities ranging from 10 kgs/hr lab scale to 10 tons/hr commercial plants.

SIPEPL with a market share of more than 90% is the market leaders in supply of these plants in the Indian sub-continent and take pride in having supplied to MNCs such as Bunge, Cargill, AAK, PT Musimas, Wilmar to name a few. In addition to having supplied to almost all Edible Oil Refineries in India, SIPEPL has also exported these plants to various countries such as Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Sultanate of Oman, Bangladesh, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Mexico, Bolivia, Syria etc.

SIPEPL is the only Company in India and among few in the world that takes up the entire Shortening, Margarine & Table Spread Manufacturing Plants as a turnkey project which includes the design, manufacturing, supply, erection, and commissioning of SCADA operated plants boasts of a reputation in the International Market which is edging with other competitors from Europe & USA. The entire Shortening & Margarine Manufacturing Plants comprises of major three sections i.e. (a) Batch Preparation (b) Processing and (c) Packaging.

SIPEPL core strength lies in the design and manufacture of Scrape Surface Heat Exchangers [SSHEs], Working Units and Resting Tubes that is versatile for the production of any type of Shortening, Industrial Margarine & Table Spread with necessary variations in the blends and Process Parameters. In addition, SIPEPL manufactures all the Batching Systems, Packaging Systems, SCADA and Utilities required for the Margarine plant in-house.

Over the years, SIPEPL has invested heavily in R&D and possess plants of different sizes to assist the customers in product development and market testing. SIPEPL’s In-house Lab Scale version of the plant of Capacity 10 to 70 kgs/hr in Bangalore, India is open to all existing for conducting trials before product launch and perspective customers to evaluate the machinery before purchase of equipment from SIPEPL. Additionally, SIPEPL’s Pilot Plant of Nominal Capacity 300 kgs/hr in Bangalore, India is is set up to help existing customers to run a few batches of the product after successful lab trials to test the market before the launch of the product without disturbing the production in their existing plants.

SIPEPL philosophy is that it is imperative for a machine manufacturer to have experience in running the plant to have a holistic view of the plant from the operating standpoint and understand the practical problems of plant over a period led to the company having its own full-fledged Shortening, Margarine & Table Spread Plant 30 to 35 Tons/Day Alwar, Rajasthan, India. At this plant in Alwar, SIPEPL have partnered with Cargill, India to develop various Shortenings and Margarines that are currently produced in the plant exclusively for Cargill, India for sale under its Brand name “Naturefresh” in India and neighboring countries.

Our Vision

Engineering Excellence through Technical Innovations

Our Mission

To provide Engineering Solutions of International Standards of design and manufacture of Custom-built process plants to help realize a process concept that require tailor-made Equipment.


SIPEPL develops and manufacture Avionics Chassis and Mounting Trays for Aviation Electronics Computers for Fighter Aircrafts. The Chassis are robust in construction with Aircraft grade aluminum alloy – 6061 or equivalent material of construction with self-locking stainless-steel fasteners and full line of convection and conduction ATR enclosure support a wide range of rugged airborne deployed applications. SIPEPL follows a modular developmental concept that allows for wide range of customization options with the side plates provided with cooling fins for natural convection/ forced air cooling. The chassis and trays are finished with Anodic coating for aluminum alloy as per MIL-STD-A-8625A or Chemical Conversion Coating as per MIL-STD-C-5541-Class-1A with External Epoxy Paint to military standard colors.

SIPEPL have developed and supplied chassis for Mission Computers, Display processors, Radar Computers, Signal Processor 118 Mounting Trays, Core Avionics Computers, Threat Simulators, and Ground Cooling Equipment for Indian Defense Establishments such as ADE/DARE, HAL, BEL as well as other private companies. SIPEPL has the distinction of being one of very few suppliers of Chassis to Indian Air Force for Sukhoi – 30 MKI, Jaguars and MIG Fighter Aircrafts.

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