Design and Manufacture of

Shortening and Margarine Plants

Standards International Precision Engineers Pvt. Ltd (SIPEPL) incorporated in the year 1993, is a pioneer in the design, manufacture and supply of the complete Margarine plants with over 150 plants successfully commissioned across the world over the last 25 years. SIPEPL has supplied plants of capacities ranging from 10 kgs/hr lab scale to 10 tons/hr commercial plants.  Read More…

Our Solutions


A Load Cell / Flowmeter based batching System for Shortening and Margarine Production comprising of Tanks with Agitators, Duplex Filters, Transfer Pumps etc. controlled remotely by SCADA

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Pasteurizers, High Pressure Plunger Pumps, Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, Pin Rotors, Resting Tubes, Homogenizing valves and Nitrogen Dozing Systems

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Skid mounted Plate Heat Exchangers with Automated Controls, Circular Remelt Tanks with Agitator, heating coils and heating jacket, Rectangular Remelt Tanks with heating coils

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Electrical and SCADA Logic

MCC Control Panels and SCADA Logic to monitor and control important parameters.

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Hot Water Generation Skid, Refrigeration Package for Margarine Production, CIP and more

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Bag in Box Packaging Machine, Industrial Packaging of Puff Pastry Margarine and more

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Our Clients

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